Tracking where funds of a group of wallets went is a difficult process and you need to start doing some estimations & simplifications to do it at this scale!

1. Identifying Dev Wallets

The first step is to get the list of wallets to be classified as developer owned. To do that we start off with the 15 vesting receivers and look for wallets that funds were transfered to. Then recursively repeat the process till no new wallets are added to the list. Sounds simple but in practice this blows up too much, so we also add the requirement that in order for a wallet to be developer owned, at least 50% of all incoming $OSMO must come from other wallets classified as developer owned.

This is also visualized in the Wallets page and the image on the right.

2. Filtering Transactions

For accurate data we don't want to include all transactions of those wallets but restrict it so that a wallet that e.g. received 1000$ OSMO from developers can at most be counted for up to $OSMO of selling.

Besides that there is also a need to filter out incoming transfers from non-developer wallets in some shape or form.

Answering those questions in detail is beyond the scope of this analysis. Therefore I went for a rather simplistic approach of just substracting incoming funds from the outgoing ones to get the Net-$OSMO-Usage. Those numbers are likely not super accurate but should give a general idea that is close enough to the actual values!

Network of Wallet