Osmosis - Developer Wallet Tracking

About Osmosis

Osmosis is a DAPP - Blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK. The main purpose of the chain is to host the Osmosis Decentralized Exchange. The chain has it's own token: $OSMO which is used for securing the chain, paying for gas and incentivizing liquidity providers.

This site is going to give you a detailed overview over a specific section of the Tokenomics of $OSMO: The Developer Vesting.

Osmosis Tokenomics

As you can see in the attached image the Osmosis Tokenomics are fairly simple.

  • 50M Airdrop
  • 50M Strategic Reserve
  • 5% Inflation Community Pool
  • 45% LP Incentives
  • 25% Staking Rewards
  • 25% Developer Vesting

But especially in the recent months we have seen a lot of dicussions regarding the high $OSMO inflation. A decent chunk of LP incentives have been redirected to the Community Pool and there are ongoing discussions to reduce the overall emissions.

The only category of inflation that was barely looked at is the Developer Vesting. Ususally the argument is that the Developers barely touch their tokens and therefore this inflation does not matter.

Explore the pages on the sidebar to find out if that is valid or not!

How is $OSMO Minted & Distributed?


Epochs are a feature allowing the Osmosis blockchain to execute certain tasks at a fixed interval.

The main task of the daily epoch on Osmosis is $OSMO minting & reward distribution to liquidity provider wallets.

Additionally the number of passed epochs is used to reduce $OSMO inflation over time. The amount of $OSMO minted per epoch is decreased by 33.34% every 365 epochs.

Current Epoch


$OSMO minted per Epoch


Epochs to next thirdening